Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Conservative Liberal"

Omar at Iraq the Model tells his own story of puzzlement at the Western left's lack of interest in Iraq's success. When his blog began, posting stories of what was really going on in Iraq from the point of view of a citizen of that country, he found the hits flowing in from the likes of Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Buzz Machine, LGF, and Roger Simon.

[F]or long months I thought these were the only major bloggers! I didn't know because these were the sites linking to us and from were we get lots of visitors and when I used to go to their sites I would find a somewhat similar list. It turned out to be that the other side top bloggers rarely if ever mentioned us or other Iraqi blogs except for the very anti-American ones. I realized lately that the blogosphere was divided into two major parts with very few bridges.

When I started looking at the 'enemy' I found out that most of them were not that horrible! They disagree with us and our friends and supporters on the right side but they feel no shame in reporting good things that can actually show their points of view as being not valid.

Then I looked back at our blog index after getting many remarks like "just look at to whom these guys link! Instapundit and Chief Wiggles!" and, "Can you believe an Arab Muslim would link to LGF?? With their extreme anti-Arab, anti-Muslim tone!" and I was thinking, "Why not!? What's wrong with that? They support Iraq in her struggle! And how can they be anti-Arab if they support us?!"

It was really confusing to me in the beginning that liberals would not support the change in Iraq (remember we were isolated so we didn't know much about that) even though they were against Bush, as it's over now and any humanist should (in my mind) support democracy and peace in Iraq. Besides, I've always considered myself a liberal! On the other side, I had a bad impression that many of the people on the right were fanatics and racist! How much did we learn in this year!

Anyway, I still consider myself a liberal (a conservative one) and I intend to add some of the moderate liberal blogs to our sidebar, but of course I would never change my mind about our friends and supporters, and I don't care what people label them as. I judge people by their stand.

Good idea. Anybody got any suggestions for him? That is, a blogger on the liberal/Democratic side of the spectrum who doesn't write about the people trying to build a free and democratic Iraq as a bunch of pathetic dupes of Shrubbie McChimpler, or else a pack of mendacious opportunists working for Halliburton? Cause I sure haven't found one.