Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"Who are the bad guys here?"

Mohammed of Iraq the Model takes a bus ride through the "Triangle of Death" and finds things much changed.

One of the passengers said whispering "where are the Americans? Where are the ING?"

One replied saying "and who dares to enter these territories?!"

We were overwhelmed with fear and anxiety until the guy sitting next to me said "look there" and pointed with his finger to the right.

We all turned to see what he was pointing to, and we regained some of our confidence as we saw a convoy of several Hummer vehicles patrolling the area.

"They're not as cautious and afraid as we thought they would be. Here are they moving confidently" the driver said.

"I don't think they'll stay here after sunset. The terrorists will take over the area at night" another passenger added.

I smiled and thought "we fear our countrymen while we feel safe when the foreigners are moving around! Who's the occupier? Who are the bad guys here?"

And yes, in fact, they did stay there after sunset. Read the whole thing.