Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting There from Here

William Kaminsky has a great post on the Iraq situation. Actually, it's a three-parter based on Anthony Cordesman's analysis of the Iraqi insurgency. Here, see if Kaminsky can sell you on it:

Gentle reader, have you been wondering what an assessment of Iraq would sound like if it were done by someone who combined the following oh-so-hard-to-find trio of traits:

a) Believes, on balance, the US must continue in Iraq for the indefinite future, and...

b) Believes in being blunt about the possibility of failure, and...

c) Is actually an experienced professional with field experience in the Middle East stretching back decades?

If so, then I doubt you can do better than check out the speech Dr. Anthony Cordesman---longtime scholar/analyst on Middle East military matters and sometime foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain---gave on Thursday, June 24 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies based on his two-week tour of Iraq in early June at the behest of the Departments of State and of Defense.

If you're tempted, go check out part 1 -- The Stakes and the Odds, part 2 -- The Progress and the Problems to Date, and part 3 -- Where We Should Go From Here.

[Big hat tip to Liberals Against Terrorism]