Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It had to Happen

Out here in God's Country, Pennsylvania, along with Intercourse and Blue Ball and Virginville and Fertility and Funk Street and the other assorted Looney Toons names that the 18th century pioneers bestowed on their crossroads and milltowns, we have a Paradise. So today, buried in the local section, was this headline:


The supervisors say they're worried about the transportation system. The transportation system in Paradise includes the Strasburg Rail Road, a steam excursion train that goes about 12 miles per hour through the Amish farmland.

It's even funnier than it looks if you're from around here, because Paradise Township consists of about 1,000 people, about 999 of them Amish.

“Anyplace could be a target, and we need to do our part on the smallest level,” a township supervisor said. “Who knows? Something somebody sees in Paradise could stop a disaster from happening in Philadelphia.”

“Even the terrorists know we have these security systems in place, and it scares them.”