Friday, July 08, 2005

Like a Hurricane

Interesting little aside in the Reuters story on Hurricane Dennis:

Cuban President Fidel Castro said Dennis had already killed 10 people as its outer bands brushed over Cuba's southeastern corner Thursday night. Storm fatalities are rare in Communist Cuba where the authorities can muster all state resources to evacuate hundreds of thousands from the path of hurricanes.

That's true, isn't it? All those hurricanes do colossal damage to Jamaica and Haiti and even kill dozens in Florida, but you never hear about deaths in Cuba, which is right in the center of the zone. Now, Reuters suggests why.

The triumph of totalitarianism. As long as you're willing to trade freedom for order and safety. Southern slaves in 1850 were better fed and housed, and less often worked to death, than Northern industrial workers.

Or read it backwards? People who make it the central purpose of life never to risk, or tak, a life will be happiest under totalitarian systems.