Friday, September 30, 2005

Bludgeoned by the Blogosphere

Mary Mapes, the CBS ex-producer who went down in the infamous Rathergate incident, still doesn't seem to grasp what went wrong. Indignant, self-righteous, muttering about right-wing conspiracies, she blunders out into the highway of public discourse again, and Rand Simberg doesn't even have to veer out of his lane to mow her down.

It's hard (perhaps impossible) to prove that a document is authentic, but it only takes one solid strike against its validity to show it to be inauthentic. And the fact that you still don't understand that, or understand basic logic at all, is why you are now out of a job, and should never have had that job to begin with.

[Hat tip Neo-Neocon, who asks the relevant question, "Is Mapes stupid, or is she ignorant--or is she banking on the fact that we are stupid and ignorant?"]