Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who Said This?

"Religion plays the role of direction, enlightenment, and offering advice. It should not be dragged into the political process, as this diminishes its sacredness. Religion should not be politicized."

A. John Locke
B. James Madison
C. Sandra O'Connor
D. some Islamic cleric you never heard of in the Middle East.

Well, it's "D." Ayatollah Hussein Ismael Al Sadr gets it. [Not the young thug al-Sadr; he's not even an ayatollah.] He gets something millions of Americans, including a few in top leadership positions, consistently fail to see, even though the concept is rooted in the political fabric of the nation they profess to love.

You can interpret an Iraqi Shi'ite religious leader's statement in support of separation of mosque and state in any number of ways. My first reaction, though, was, I wonder how we can get him onto the Supreme Court?