Tuesday, December 13, 2005

European Outrage

I'd like to cordially invite some of the Europeans outraged by the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams to come and live for a month in one or another of the thousands of American urban neighborhoods wrecked by the system of criminal gangs Williams helped create and unleash. Oh, I know the conditions were there -- the poverty, the despair, the drugs -- before he came along. But he chose to make of them what he did. For that, as much as for the four dead people he went to the chamber never admitting he pulled the trigger on, he deserved society's punishment. There aren't enough children's books in the world to atone for that.

As a resident homeowner in a city neighborhood that's been blighted by gang thugs, I'm 100 percent with Deroy Murdock on this one.

Who knows how many people members of the Crips have killed since they were founded in the 1970s. Certainly dozens. Probably hundreds. Perhaps thousands. And what percentage of those folks were black? The Crips generally do not run around Beverly Hills and Malibu shooting their victims. That happens in Compton, Inglewood, and South Central Los Angeles. Guess who lives in those neighborhoods.

It's safe to say that, as co-founder of the Crips, "Tookie" Williams is indirectly to blame for the deaths of scores of black folks, as well as the four people he was convicted of murdering directly. No amount of "rehabilitation" compensates for his indirect or direct crimes.

I don't care about his "children's books," and I doubt the families of his victims are very impressed either. If Charles Manson wrote an opera, would he qualify for parole? Tookie has written multiple books. Good for him. How many books have his four murder victims even READ over the last 26 years? Exactly zero, since they are dead. Thanks to Tookie.

As the direct author of four homicides and the indirect inspiration for hundreds more, Stanley "Tookie" Williams finally is getting what he deserves.

Good riddance!