Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Amen to That

Maxedoutmama sez:

One of the deepest, most passionate grudges I bear against the American media is that they will not tell the tale of the American soldier today. They are determined to eliminate any pride in or understanding of what these men and women do and the values for which they risk their lives. Judging by my experience, one of the finest characteristics many of our military men and women share that the MSM utterly lacks is a sense of wry humor and irony. The toxic, awed gravity with which those in the press write about their own high mission and noble goals stand in striking contrast to the understated calm with which the "baby-killers" approach their lives and their goals. In Georgia, we call the second attitude sane humility.

Number of the 40 or so full-time employees of my newsroom who are veterans of military service: 0.

Number who have publicly and visibly protested against the Iraq War or U.S. military installations and programs in the past year, to my knowledge (and no I'm not looking for it, they just happen to be loud about it): 9.