Friday, January 06, 2006

On Second Thought

Tigerhawk digs up a quote from Murtha that goes farther than anything else I've seen to persuade me my initial reading of the Congressman was wrong, and maybe it's not principled opposition as much as an embittered senility setting in:

In a statement released Thursday, Murtha said: "The military had no problem recruiting directly after 9/11 because everyone understood that we had been attacked. But now the military's ability to attract recruits is being hampered by the prospect of prolonged, extended and repeated deployments; inadequate equipment; shortened home stays; the lack of any connection between Iraq and the brutal attacks of 9/11; and - most importantly - the administration's constantly changing, undefined, open-ended military mission in Iraq.

"I didn't have concerns like these when I enlisted in the Marines during the Korean War or volunteered to go to Vietnam," Murtha said.

So what was the Truman Administration's firm, unchanging, closed-ended, precisely defined military mission in Korea, pray tell?