Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stand Clear

Greyhawk has a word to the wise about the attempt to tarnish Jack Murtha's war record:

Let me be clear: attacks on Murtha's Vietnam record are pointless. Murtha's latest statements against the success of US troops in Iraq speak for themselves; his current behavior renders his past insignificant. Democrats, grown tired of waiting for an attack on Murtha's war record from the Right, have created their own. He's painted as a victim now - of "right wing chickenhawk" contempt for real war heroes. But those serious about standing up to the current John Murtha would be well advised to let his fellow Democrats and the mainstream media keep this war "unilateral."

Right. What matters is what the man has said and done now, in the current situation. The way to respond to him is in the present tense -- and the future. If you act as though he can be de-legitimatized only by stripping off his medals, you only add fuel to the foolish "chickenhawk" notion that only people who have been to a past war are qualified to speak about current ones.

Plus it's just plain low-class.