Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ann Coulter

Here's how you answer back to speech you reject. My council-mate at RWNH does a fine job putting Ann Coulter in her place and rounds up any number of right-side bloggers who have done the same in response to Coulter's latest attempt to break her own record for going over the top. I've defended Coulter when she's been the subject of attacks from people who want to silence her. Do not silence her. Let her reveal herself, then answer her. Even if I didn't have a little half-Arab niece, I'd be agreeing with all these responses.

And the best part is, your enemies will say, "look, you're on the same side as Coulter," but you can answer them with, "no, I'm on the same side as all these fine and articulate folks who have the moral fiber to repudiate someone popular who pretends to be their ally."