Sunday, February 19, 2006

Arabs in the Ports

When bloggers at the extremes, such as Atrios, Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, Daily Kos, and Little Green Footballs, all agree on something, it means, either:

1. The Harmonic Convergence is back

2. There's a knee-jerking epidemic.

This is a bit of both. The issue is the "Bush administration's approval of a recent sale that would give a Dubai company control over shipping facilities at six leading American ports."

Arabs running the ports. After 9/11 and all. It doesn't help that homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff, last seen in the headlines saying things like, "It is correct to say that our logistics capability in Katrina was woefully inadequate," thinks this is a great idea.

I'm glad to see that someone (not tied to the Administration and often critical of it) is able to step back and avoid the blog-lemming stampede. That someone is Dennis the Peasant:

Lost in all of this is the fact that the government of the United Arab Emirates is exactly the sort of Arab/Muslim government we should be rewarding for their loyalty to us in the War on Terror. The U.A.E. has, in fact, been the very model of the ‘moderate’ Arab/Muslim state we loudly proclaim must take a firm and unbending stand against al-Qaeda and the Middle Eastern Fascists we are fighting.