Sunday, February 05, 2006

You Think I make This Stuff Up?

This fellow says, "every time I think of it, I laugh:"

Y'know, someone should impale that harpy Ann Coulter. Not just drive a stake through her arbitrarily, though that would be okay, but do a real pro job. There used to be pros at impaling, maybe there still are. What we need is someone who could drive the stake in through her rotten crotch and out through her adam's apple without causing too much damage to internal organs. That way she could writhe in agony for days, even weeks, before her soul finally flees back to the abyss that spawned it.

He then says, back off, dude, he's only joking. But hard to know if his sole commenter gets it as a joke or not:

Since I live far, far away I have never had the mis-pleasure of having to listen to this ignorant cunt Coulter but if you would send her over here (Spain) I'm certain I could find a Garotte Vile that's not being used. Brings forth no end of delicious screams when applied by an expert I've been told.

And then there's this ....