Friday, March 10, 2006

Profumo Scandal

Christine Keeler ... Mandy Rice-Davies ... Stephen Ward ... Eugene Ivanov ... Johnny Edgecombe ... names and faces from a long-ago scandal drift out of the mists tonight with the death of John Profumo. But as scandals go, it's a sweet one. Over the years I've worked with several people who, without having the remotest connection to it or even having lived through it, have become delightfully obsessed with it.

Profumo more than redeemed himself:

Within days of quitting politics, Mr Profumo walked into Toynbee Hall, an east London charity, and asked to help with the washing up.

More than 40 years later he was still working for the charity, with which he had stints as chairman and president.

There's also a film version, flawed, but interesting. Ian McKellen plays Profumo.