Sunday, March 19, 2006

Search Engline Follies

One of the ways to amuse yourself on rainy days, if you have a Web site, is to check your referrer logs to see what terms people have plugged into their search engines and landed on your pages as a result. Often the quest has nothing in common with the destination except a set of words, forming a phrase in the questers mind but merely scattered across the Web page.

Regrettably, my current stat counter doesn't give me a good long list of these. But the blogger Eve-Tushnet has plucked a few gems from her recent list:

swamped thigh boots
feminist meaty scroll
women using unusual objects
Human mating rituals
Radio from a penny
remove ingrained thoughts
interesting things about human development and why
rat deterrent from barbecue
Do you think that home viewing in itself makes us more impatient when watching a film like this Does the very
gorgon rug uo
does anything in pennsylvania start with the letter x
drawing of a generalized long bone
how men view relationships differently or not at all
space walk slime ball jumping
latch-hook homosexuality
sex foot cook
hey there
afghanistan banshee wreck
how does basil responds to darkness
lady getting fits
latest Diastrophism happened International
condoleezza fanfiction

Needless to say, you won't get much of an idea of what she actually writes about when you see that list. But you will get some unpleasant images of what that guy hunched over his laptop at the local Starbucks is looking for online.

I used to keep track of these for the etymology dictionary, too.. You can imagine how far-flung those results might be. I haven't updated it in forever, and the page is no longer linked, but I found the results still online, somehow, here. Here's a sample to whet your appetite:

peccary annoy
du pont teflon golf ladies
body distance
etruscan sexual practices
heifer russian translation term of endearment
angry cloud picture
waffle house jesus
birthday cakes hedgehog
useful flamengo phrases
icelandic glit
yiddish bedbug mash
is monotheism or polytheism
[editor's note: Yes.]
world's best natural breasts