Friday, May 26, 2006

Art Theft

Michael Yon has a Memorial Day post up. It deals with the photo he took that will be his blessing and burden for the rest of his days. It's an iconic image of war and tragedy that can mean many things to many people.

And if you willfully refuse to know anything about the moments before he snapped the shutter, it can become an anti-war picture. Which is how it's being used by the latest gang of rip-off artists.

You can see their work here.

That site encourages people outraged by this misuse to flood the magazine with calls. I don't. People who make these kind of bad publishing decisions are capable of shielding themselves from a phone onslaught, which means the poor $7-an-hour receptionist is the one whose day you ruin. And you never know who you're going to be unleashing along with your loyal and sane readers.

Leave it to the lawyers. They know best how to bring the pain to those who deserve to feel it.

How does this play into the discussion we had recently about copyrights?