Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iraq Update

For those who haven't yet written off Iraq as simply a failed Chimpy McHalliburton production, the latest report on the overall healthy of the country shows signs of improvement.

Full report (in PDF) is here.

Please note that I don't say "Iraq is now perfect and sun shines all the time." But please note, too, that a great many people delight in dogpiling on the violence and stumbling there, as though this somehow was a good thing for America and the world (the inversion of the General Motors cliche: if it's bad for Bush, it's good for the world).

One of the reasons I feel great reluctance in voting for the current crop of Democratic leaders is that they seem to be possessed of this mentality. We have 24 million lives at stake. Powell was write: we broke it, we bought it. Thousands -- millions -- of them are relying on us to lead the way out of this maze. If we simply drop out, because we want to get as far as possible as fast as possible from "failed Bush policies," they'll be the ones who pay.

Having seen it once, on TV, here is my "never again." I will not cast any vote that leads to another humiliating scene of chaos on ladders and choppers on an embassy roof.