Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sad But True

Dyre Portents examines the shabby GOP game plan for '06 and comes to a depressing conclusion:

Now you have to admit that Karl Rove riding through the streets shouting,"The Democrats are coming!" might have some value (albeit mostly comedic since the man looks like a giant baby.) Its probably not the best plan ever. I have an idea! How about this for an agenda:

1: Smaller less intrusive government.

2: Fiscal responsibility.

3: A stronger economy

In other words Get back to the basics!

And here is what BOTH parties should be shooting for in order to gain long term political tenure.

Energy Independence, Growth of Quality American Jobs, Meaningful Ethics and Campaign Finance Reforms, Corporate Tax Reforms (ie removal of tax incentives for job exportation and shoring up tax loopholes), Increased funding for schools (to assure America's competitive advantage in the future), and Common Sense Immigration\Border Security Reform

The party that can deliver that package to voters will have a long and successful future. The question is which party has the balls to piss off its funders and begin winning elections by gaining the respect of the majority of the American people? I think the answer is obvious:


Of course that laundry list of focal points immediately begs the questions "how" and "with what" and "Who's going to pay?" But it's meant as a framework.