Saturday, July 08, 2006

Speaking Of Mouse Potatoes

Blogging in pajamas is one thing. Hunting is another thing entirely.
The idea was this: Hunters sign up on the web site and pay some $1,500 or more. They schedule a session, then log on at their appointed time to watch a feeding station on the computer screen. The animal that was ordered—from wild hogs to antelope—is in the area, and when it approaches the food, the hunter moves on-screen crosshairs into place. A click of the mouse fires a rifle to kill the animal.

The armchair hunter's trophy animal would then be mounted and shipped for display.

Presumably so that all can see and admire the prowess and sportsmanship of the **choke** so-called hunter. Well, hey, big boy (gal)! Aren't you the brave and skillful one? Stocked your bathtub with trout yet?

I know it's not really on point, but still, this Adrian Belew lyric pops instantly to mind, as a comment on cowardice and uneven odds:
Men in helicopters fly
shooting rhinos from out of the sky