Friday, August 25, 2006

In A Mist

I don't mind confessing that I actually misted up a bit this morning when I discovered that the erudite and talented writer behind The Beiderbecke Affair is shutting down his always interesting, lovely, actually original and therefore not-just-another-of-the-pack blog.

Bix to you, Brendan. I'm starting out with "Davenport Blues," which is playing as I keystroke, and then I'm just going to move on through the whole playlist--not so extensive as yours, I'll bet, but nothing to sniff at either. Thanks for the good reads, and for all the things I didn't know until I learned about them on your blog.

Cal and Annie and--well, I'll stop there for risk of offending by omission (everyone already knows I'm huge fans of theirs), don't you go getting any ideas, OK?

Yeah, I know bloggers come and go. Hell, I spend most of my time being 3/4 and more of the way out the door myself (and I'm not even the kind of blogger I'm talking about, anyway). But some blogquits constitute more of a loss--because the blogs themselves are so much less like flotsam and jetsam--than others. Ya know?

Aw shit.