Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sound You Hear Is Heads Exploding

Al Gore praises the environmental stance of Wal-Mart, the handling of which Entity And Major Social And Political Problem is, of course, among the two or three most important issues facing the country, according to Ezra Klein.
Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday praised Wal-Mart for a newfound focus on environmental sustainability, saying the retailer showed there is no conflict between the environment and the economy.

“I believe that this kind of commitment is so important that the rest of the world is likely to be listening and learning,” Gore told an auditorium of more than 800 Wal-Mart employees, suppliers and outside experts who are advising the company.
Gore said some people questioned whether Wal-Mart was serious about the environment, then added: “Have you ever know Wal-Mart not to follow through on a big commitment of this kind? I have not.”

Gore said [Wal-Mart Chief Executive Lee] Scott had recognized not just the danger of global warming and a moral obligation to act, but also a business opportunity in innovation.

“The message from Wal-Mart today to the rest of the business community is, there need not be any conflict between the environment and the economy. We will find the way not only to reconcile (those), but to find new profits and new opportunities as we do the right thing,” Gore said.

Ahhhhhh. Sometimes surfing all the ebbs, flows, waves and tides of the Web is just so, well, bracing and refreshing.

I'm just gonna grab a beach drink and build me a sandcastle. Summer's not over yet! Jump right in ... the water is fine.