Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrifying Stupidity

The philosophically deep Russell Shaw has now treated us to his new and expansive redefinition of terrorism, as that term has been generally understood.

Or maybe I'm the one with the fundamental misunderstanding. It's true that I've only been familiar with the term for 35-odd years, and particularly had it brought home to me as a permanent, deadly reality starting in 1972, when I watched with my parents the unfolding horror of "Black September's" capturing and murdering of Israeli Olympic athletes. But, what the hell: I've could have been deeply mistaken as to terrorism's definition all of these years.

Not to mention narrow-minded, to which quality you can chalk up the following assessment of Shaw based on his loony, disingenuous redefinition of a perfectly good, rather needed and currently relevant term:

What a freakin' idiot.

Self-defeating, too. Because why the hell should I, or anyone else, ever pay attention to him with regard to some of the very legitimate issues and problems he raises after he's demonstrated so deftly how much of an incredible and silly a thinker he is?