Sunday, April 15, 2007

Foolish Claws

[Posted by reader_iam]

Would you want to place your career prospects in the hands of a business--which supposedly touts its savvy with regard to how networks "work"--that could be this unplugged about an obvious network?

Netlag, indeed.

I didn't think I'd be posting just now, but I have to come out in solidarity with Kat Coble of Just Another Pretty Farce, a blogger whose blog I blogrolled at the old site relatively early, though the link there leads to her old blogspot site, from which she migrated a month ago. (Well, those who visit here but still drop in there know that I'm not exactly maintaining that site, and haven't touched the blogroll, as far as updates, in I don't know how long--a year?)

One of the reasons I included her in that blogroll was the sense of the genuine and the honest opinions she brought to her posts, a certain openness to posting her thoughts and experience, which, frankly, I both admired and, in a certain sense, envied. Apparently, that's what got her into trouble. There's a chilly wind afoot, and like all chilly winds, it's going to have a faster cooling effect on everything and everyone on the warmer side before it does on the cold-blooded, and bloody-minded. Still, if it keeps up, that nip will cut closer to every bone (to be picked), and make no mistake.

Read the original post, the source of the catalyst for the controversy, [JL Kirk Associates being the source]. (Note the comments--which, by the way, includes response from a JL Kirk employee--because they are cited in the letter from JL Kirk Associates' legal representation.) Does it strike you that it makes sense for that post to inspire the legal response?

The defensiveness, thin-skinnedness, and lack of awareness on the part of a business in an industry which relies on the reputation of superior connectedness is breathtaking.

One wonders: Had Coble's account taken the form of an interview for a newspaper article, for example, would that firm have threatened her with a lawsuit? Would it have threatened the newspaper?

And Etc.

Now, back to my own warm burrowing.

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