Friday, May 25, 2007

Kids+Backpacks Can Be Hazardous ...

Posted by reader_iam

... to the health of parents (not to mention the kids). Individually and separately--meaning kids and backpacks--but more to the point, collectively.

Today (well, Thursday), an especially exuberant entry by my son into a vehicle at the end-of-day pick-up from school involved a tossing-off of a backpack, a strap of which, in a freakish incident, flew out and hit, full buckle, my husband's right eye.

Flash forward.

The eye is scratched, scraped, and bruised in multiple places, and slightly punctured, according to assessments late today (well, I guess yesterday). Late tomorrow (well, I guess that would be today), tests are scheduled to assess, 24 hours later, the situation "expressed more deeply in the eye" post certain swellings and so forth which have direct bearing on the outcome.

I could write a lot about a lot of stuff--including the little talks about whether and how not intending to do something or for something to happen doesn't mean it's not your fault or responsibility--but could ain't should, after all.

(Also, the "real-lifedness" of the situation is enough, thank you.)