Sunday, August 05, 2007

Semper Fi, and All That

[posted by Callimachus]

More evidence 2007 is the new 1970.

"oh so you're in the military."

"yeah" i replied

"so did you go to iraq?"

"yeah, actually, i just came back 2 days ago"

"oh really? so, how was it? cause i hear it's so horrible over there. that stupid bush and this stupid war"

"umm, actually, i'm very proud of what i did in iraq. we did a lot of very good things for the iraqis"

"oh well, my friends in the army say it was horrible"

"well, i can't speak for the army, but i'm a Marine, like i said, i'm very proud of what we did"

"oh well, thats cause you're a Marine, and Marines are crazy. my friends in the army say they had to shoot innocent people and kill them all the time"

"well... okay. i'm sorry about that..."

"okay... well i'll go get you your drinks now"

and she left.

There's more; it's worth reading.