Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amen to That

Clarissa Pinkola Estés had an established reputation as writer and cultural observer before she started blogging. She could as well have left it alone. Thank the gods she didn't. Here she takes on the toughest of topics and hits a pitch-perfect tone that could move anyone but a pure partisan or an incurable pessimist:

I deeply respect other women and their circumstances and choices greatly. No matter what they are, a woman most often has her reasons. But, I loathe that some find it fit to stand outside Planned Parenthood clinics screeching at women who already are struggling. I loathe the idea of using abortion as chronic birth control. I intensely dislike the idea of withdrawing resources and support from young mothers forcing them into surrendering their own children for adoption.

I’ve done much counseling of men and women and grandparents, many many years after an abortion or a forced adoption took place: they are all, as they wish, deserving of telling their story, of being heard without scorn or judgment, of finding their own reconciliations, the mendings they deserve.

And, I wish there were a third category in all the storm that is made by seeding the clouds about Roe vs Wade and anti vs pro everything… with regard to pregnancy. I would like a third category simply called: “Rooting for the brave souls who are trying to make it to earth. Despite all odds.” And a fourth category too: “Rooting for the brave souls who, despite their challenges, are already here.” May they all be blessed, and deeply so.

As one who regards abortion as a necessary evil -- with equal heavy weight on both words -- and one who doesn't often say this to anything, I say "amen" to that.