Friday, November 09, 2007


I wonder if I should change it. Not that it matters to anyone but me. It's accumulated links over the years, including sites I once read often but don't so much anymore, sites that have said kind things about me, sites I wanted to promote and nurture while they found their voice.

But it seems to me now more and more what I value is sites that approach every issue with a consistent philosophy, not a partisan agenda, and that are unafraid of straying from whatever herd they're supposed to be part of. And that can handle disagreement without juvenile name-slagging. And that know the difference between debate and smackdown.

Which probably would cut my roll by about 75 percent, sad to say.

One obvious obstacle is the Watcher's Council, which, as a member, I'm duty-bound to list, but which in some cases (not all) wouldn't make that cut.

Anyone care enough to comment?