Friday, November 09, 2007

Still Waiting for an Answer

End the occupation. And then what? In this case, Afghanistan. In this case, Malalai Joya, a brave young woman dissident and legislator.

When it was time for questions from the audience, a woman asked what would happen if Canadian troops leave. Who would monitor and protect the money she had donated to schools for Afghan girls, the woman asked, calling them "my children." A man in the front interrupted her, shouting: "They are not your children, they are Afghani children!"

It was unclear whether Joya completely understood the question and a translator stepped in to help. Joya nodded her head, took the microphone and stood up. But she repeated what she had said earlier: Afghan women are no better off now than when the Taliban were removed from power, and both the Taliban and warlords must be brought to justice if there is any chance for lasting change.

Lost in more than translation.