Friday, November 30, 2007

Teddy Boys

Pierre Tristam has some necessary background on the Sudan, which was "fanatic before fanaticism was, in the Islamic world, cool."

What's embarrassing, what's reviling, is that one of the most violent and murderous nations on the planet, the only genocidal one at the moment, can still manage not only to deflect attention on a manufactured scandal of cartoonish proportions, but to do so in the Prophet Muhammad's name, whose message and spirit Khartoum has been smearing to the sound of endless bloodletting for decades. There would be redress, not insult, if every Muslim (if not every human being) were to brandish a teddy bear tomorrow and call it Muhammad, not only to protest the imbecility of genocidal zealotry, but, more poignantly, to speak for the innocence of millions of Sudan's children lost to genocide, lost to fanaticism, lost to the very opposite of the meaning and purpose of Islam as Muhammad taught it.

In case you're unfamiliar with his site, he is a dedicated and honorable anti-militarist, born in Lebanon, whom I read with respect, even in strenuous disagreement. No disagreement here, however. Say it, brother.

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