Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Council Winners

The most recent set of Watchers Council winners has been posted.

First place in the council went to Buchanan's New Book: “Prepare Ye for the End” by the reliably high-quality Right Wing Nut House, in which he argues against the doomsday scenario of Buchanan's jeremiad and advises the author to "get a grip."

Votes also went to The Visual Imagery Society, a thought-provoking meta-post at The Glittering Eye; Arabs Coming To Annapolis by Rhymes With Right; "Apt Natural -- I Have a Gub", a look at the Second Amendment case by
Big Lizards (the title is from one of my favorite old Woody Allen movies); Still No Evidence 9/11 Nuts Rule by Cheat Seeking Missiles; Legacy of Legacies by Soccer Dad; and The Never-ending U.D. Thought-control Saga by The Colossus of Rhodey.

Outside the council, the top vote-getter was Have Our Copperheads Found Their McClellan in Retired LTG General Sanchez? by Wolf Howling, who, as it turns out, has since been chosen to the council. The differences between McClellan and Sanchez seem more glaring than the similarities. As usual, I would emphasize the limited utility of historical parallels. Except my own, of course, which are brilliantly incisive.

Votes also went to Letter from the Front: Turkey Day in Tikrit, an uplifting letter from Iraq printed at Michelle Malkin's place; The American Non-Empire at Captain's Quarters; A Remarkable Disconnect From Context and Causation at Zenpundit.com -- which riffs on a comment by dat ol' debbil Cernig at "Newshogger" on the reasons the Cold War ended (there's a movement afoot to credit it to Gorbachev: anyone but Reagan/U.S. policy, it seems; Zenpundit pushes back, gently; there were other actors); and Outrage in Annapolis by Eternity Road.