Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, 2007 finally is gone. I won't miss it. Does anyone really lament the departure of an election year, with its national narcissism, political pandering, and media hyperventilation? No, and so I won't miss 2007.

Wait, this is the election year? You mean it's all going to continue? This is going to be like 2007 but get bigger, louder, badder? Is there room for me to curl up in that cave outside Ephesus for a year?

Not a single vote has been cast, but every candidate running already has said or done something -- repeatedly -- that on principle ought to disqualify me from voting for that person.

And it's only January 3rd.

One thing I'm starting to notice (again) is that the things most people pick out as flaws in candidates tend to be the reasons I like those candidates. Fred Thompson is lazy and doesn't really want to be president all that bad? Oh, how nice that would be. Ron Paul talks like an absolutist, but when push comes to shove he plays the pork game just like everyone else? Well, any evidence of realism and practical politics is a virtue in that case. He makes sweeping proposals without putting forth any numbers? Good for him. When have any candidate's numbers turned out to be anything but smoke when it came to actually enacting policy? I can live without a pie-chart fight worthy of the Three Stooges. McCain tacks the same course, even when the winds shift? I salute the man. Obama would be a weak chief executive? Hallelujah!