Thursday, May 22, 2008


See, this is what comes of me being a sad example of free thought. John Hagee never was my kind of man of God. He's one of those Christian fundamentalists with a creepy obsession with Israel that isn't necessarily for the good of Israel or Jews.

But when he says the Holocaust and Hitler were done according to God's will, isn't that the necessary consequence of having faith in the existence of an omnipotent and omnicient divine being? Isn't grappling with that situation incumbent on all Christians, all monotheists, not just a portly TV preacher from Texas?

It's a tough row to hoe and I don't envy them. I confess I find it easier to believe I live in a world without an omniscient and omnipresent god than to try to reconcile the 20th century (or the life cycle of certain wasps) with the assurance that a just and loving god is in charge everywhere and foresaw all this from the first flare of creation and not a sparrow falleth and all that.

As for the rest of it, he's trying to make sense of it using only the book he's been given. Which, again, a lot of people do about a lot of things. Creationists do it. I think they're nuts, but that's just me. The book is the central difficulty of Christianity, to an outsider like me, and it seems to be the foundation and consolation of it to many believers.

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