Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dumbass + Typewriter = Letter to Editor

Guess who got to compile tomorrow's "letters" page? Yup. I wish I had saved the original version of this one, before I cleaned up the sentence structure and grammar. It's a doozie:

When are the American people going to see the Republican Party for what it has become? America’s new Mafia.

They just don’t feel they have to work with others; if they can’t win, they steal. If they can’t steal, they just make their own laws or change existing ones.
For more than 200 years, America’s leaders have had to deal with checks and balances. Because without them, one party can and will do whatever it darn well pleases. Our Mafia now wants to do away with theirs.

It’s a thing called a filibuster. Republicans hate the filibuster. Why? Because it means they don’t always get their way. And knowing that should put fear into all Americans.

I will remind you that before the Republicans gained a majority in the Senate, Democrats were the majority party for more than four decades. Did they ever try to silence the other party? No.

Guess how many times they had to deal with the Republicans calling filibusters? You know, I really have no idea, but you can bet the Republicans used the filibusters thousands of times over the last 200 years.

Why don’t the American people see just how very dangerous losing this right will be to each and every one of them?

Americans had better wake up and demand Republicans play fair. We need to fight for this very valuable right, before you wake up one morning and ask yourself what happened to our wonderful America, our rights, our freedoms.

When you give one party all the power, democracy goes out the window. When you let a political group get that powerful they don’t have any checks and balances, you lose. We all will lose.

Emphasis added. I love it!