Thursday, August 11, 2005

Checking In

Neurotic Iraqi Wife, one of the most colorful, and vulnerable, voices posting from the new Iraq, hasn't been able to update much lately. She checked back in recently, and he veiw of things now is very dark.

I hope, even though Im quite disappointed now, but I hope I really do, that my people, the people of Iraq will get what they want at the end of day. And right now all they want is security, electricity and a sense of normality to their life. Security by getting rid of all the coackroaches that crawled into the country. Security by catching all those gangs those thieves, those criminals, those barbarians and giving them what they deserve. Security by providing jobs and removing all the corrupt people in high places. Electricity by fixing the damn grids, and giving people some light, a light to look forward to going on....But I will keep on saying this, Iraqis are survivors and they are driven, driven by the Spirit of Life.....