Thursday, April 06, 2006

Frankly Flummoxed

Can someone, somewhere, somehow explain to me how the corpse of a one-eyed kitten is supposed to reopen debate over creationism? Or, excuse me, "how science and religion intersect"?

The mind so boggles, my head hurts.

UPDATE: In the comments, Bill helpfully provides me with this link. Judge for yourself as to whether it's a headache-reliever.

An excerpt:

Now let me give you the reason for our interest in her and then show you how to receive more information on Cy.

Evolution states that millions of mutations over millions of years with the help of environmental “pressures” can lift a species from the ape like creature we call “Lucy” to us today. My question is this. Are there really positive mutations? All I can see are neutral or negative. My next question is can any type of mutation given enough time and chance really produce greater intelligence, reason, speech and even spirituality to beings.

Given the possibilities side by side. I say that it is easier to believe that we came from Adam and Eve and not “Lucy” and Steve. ...

So what is in store for Cy? Cy went through some surgery to remove a piece of skin so scientists can study why she ended up with one eye. We have her bathing in formalin - a preservative. Later this month her solution will be replaced with alcohol and then she will be ready to go on tour. When not on tour Cy will be on display at the Lost World Museum. As the Museum’s spoke’s animal, Cy will help people understand what evolution promotes and suggest Genesis is a better answer to the origins question.
[Emphasis added.]

Ah, now I see. I'm struck by the light.

No way am I buying the three-card, picture-postcard set, though, 'cause, you know what? However you believe they came into being, even the smallest, most pitiable of God's creatures deserve a little dignity.

(There's a second link in the comments, as well, if you want learn more from Cy's buyer.)