Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who'd Want That Job Anyway?

Today's least shocking news is that Scott McClellan won't be around anymore to alternately madden or put to sleep the White House Press Corps by excessively repeating the same sentences over and over. (If ever a man needed a refresher course in how to say the same thing in multiple ways, it was he. There really is a certain art to, well, artful obfuscation, which poor Scotty never truly mastered.)

But who is up to taking on the task of facing the madding crowd?

The Republic of Paul helpfully writes a job listing with required qualifications.

Scrappleface speculates about a successor.

But wait! Will the White House accept experience in lieu of a college degree? Personally, at this point in his career, I don't think Rush's "D" in public speaking should count against him.

I'm not a Limbaugh fan (nor a hater, either), but I do think the White House press briefings, to which I have a sick addiction, would be much more entertaining, at least in a WWF (now WWE) sort of way.

Don't you?

UPDATE: In the comments section, XWL suggest some other candidates for the position.

Feel free to add your suggestions, tongue-in-cheek or not.