Friday, May 19, 2006

Making Babies

John Gibson notes "half the kids under 5 years old in this country are minorities"

Why is that? Hispanics are having more kids and others, notably the ones Hispanics call gabachos — white people — are having fewer.

He has a solution, too: "To put it bluntly: We need more babies. Forget that zero population growth stuff of my poor, misled generation."

Why is this important? Because civilizations need populations to survive.

So far we're doing our part here in America, but Hispanics can't carry the whole load.

The rest of you: Get busy. Make babies.

The "Hispanics can't carry the whole load" seems an odd afterthought swerve back into the fold of racial inclusiveness, since at the top of the column he was announcing "Twenty-five years and the majority population is Hispanic" and he didn't seem to think that was a good thing.

Angela has a suggestion:

I think what would be good is all those millions of white Americans who are making babies, but are making them with their black, Hispanic, Asian or other non-white American spouses should send a picture of themselves with their bi-racial babies to John and say, "I hear you brother. I'm a white American doing my part, making all the babies I can."