Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost 6: How Can This Be?

Mostly, he just screamed, and he almost never slept during the day. (The latter continued to be true and still is.) This picture captures a moment of exception.

Still, looking back, what possessed me to dress him up this way, and at a vulnerable 7 weeks? Don't we all deserve more dignity from the git-go?

And what hormonal haze induces us to take pictures for which our sons surely won't thank us as teen-agers? This is one of the less egregious.

Heh. He'd better be nice to his mama if he doesn't want me to whip out the albums of yore when the time comes.

Yeah, yeah: Lookin' through pix, feelin' a bit sentimental. Not his birthday quite yet, but for some unknown reason, this one is hitting me more, and with mixed emotions. What can I say?

This is the first birthday or holiday, since he could talk, in the lead up to which he didn't ask for the one thing he's always requested: a brother or sister. He's growing up, learning about and learning to accept the realities of the world.

Me, I still rail against them, sometimes.