Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Online Integrity Pledge

Appears to have died a lonelier death than Poe's.

Though more than 200 bloggers have signed the "statement of principles" at the site, the quest for a nonpartisan consensus about virtue among bloggers is all but dead. There have been no posts at Online Integrity or the related Yahoo group in weeks, and much of the commentary since the initial wave of praise has been critical. The project even spawned a satire blog.

"A very frustrating and informative exercise in coalition-building," Trevino lamented of his efforts.

Though we didn't sign it, for stated objections, the manner of its unraveling is sad for those of us who still like to think reconciliation across political lines is possible. But it probably was doomed, since it had to engage the heavy hitters on "both sides," who are entrenched in their mountain fortresses. The center will have to save itself.