Friday, June 23, 2006

Where Do I Go Now?

I've never had this particular experience, and, in fact, am blessed with the ability to memorize hotel names, room numbers and so forth almost instantly.

No way will I make fun of this man, though, since rental cars are a different story for me. Never will I forget, back in road warrior days, coming out of huge factory complex in Colorado, walking into a humongous parking lot, and realizing that not only had I forgotten where I'd parked (a good 10-minute walk away), but that I could remember neither the make nor model of the car that I'd rented that morning for the week. Because I had stupidly removed the key and put it on my regular key ring, the car-rental key chain was in the car), along with the rental contract, which meant I didn't have the identifying information with me.

Oh, what an idiot. Oh, what a rotten evening that was. (You did assume, of course, that it started to pour during my search, right?)

Never removed the identifying tag from the key again, no matter what people said about it not being safe to carry that info around.

Live And Learn.