Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reader_iam Is Not A Boy

For the record, and just in case anyone is confused out there ... .

; )

I've jokingly asked Cal if we can arrange for all of my posts to show up in pink text or some such thing for the sake of clarity, though I think it'd work better if he'd agree to have his posts show up in blue, to hammer the point home.

I can get my mind wrapped around the fact that depending on who's doing the categorizing, I'm designated as right, left, conservative, liberal or just plain confused and/or annoying. But--darn it!--my gender is neither a slave to interpretation nor fungible (and surely Cal and I aren't interchangeable, which is utterly obvious to me, at least, based on the text alone).

What do I have to do, post pictures of my stretch marks? Attach an audio file that blares forth Helen Reddy if a cursor gets anywhere near a post of mine? Something...worse? (Is there something worse?)


Thanks for your forebearance. Sometimes one simply can't resist foisting the (VERY) small and trivial annoyances in life on others.

I feel better now.