Monday, July 10, 2006


Timely quotes about shock-blogging.
"If you have a limited amount of time and energy shooting things down is easier than building things up. So, 12 posts a day, you're gonna shoot a lot of things down," [Ana Marie] Cox explains.
But in the world of blogs - the blogosphere, as the bloggers call it - sarcasm sells.

"I think that they're looking to generate traffic. And it's easy to generate traffic when you're snarky. And when you have, you know, nothing nice to say, you get a lot more readers than, 'Here are my kittens and they're all really great,'" says Meg Hourihan.

Don't these quotes tie in well with my just-previous post?

And, by the way, thank you--thank you!--David Pogue, for using the word sarcasm, instead of--well, you know, the poor beleagured "i" word.