Friday, September 01, 2006

'Special Relationship,' cont'd.

I found more on that new British-made film, disguised as a documentary, depicting the assassination of Bush, in a "New York Times" story.

[Peter] Dale [head of the British network that made the film] said that the focus of the film was on the assassination's aftermath, as the news media rush to judgment and investigators plumb America's fear and anger, particularly in communities with most cause to be angry at Bush. Suspicion soon focuses on Jamal Abu Zikri, a Syrian-born man.

The movie, Dale said, is "a very powerful examination of what changes are taking place in America" as a result of its foreign policy.

"I believe that the effects of the wars that are being conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said, "are being felt in many ways in the multiracial communities in America and Britain in the number of soldiers who don't come home, and that people are beginning to ask: "When will these body bags stop coming back? Why are we there? When will it stop?"'

... The Daily Mirror, whose front-page headline on Friday was "Bush Whacked," said in an editorial that while the film was "treading a fine line in terms of taste, it nevertheless provides dramatic food for thought."

It added: "The undoubted furor that this will spark across the U.S. and among the handful of Bush supporters in Europe must not obscure the real question facing us all. Where is the War on Terror going? And how bad does it have to get before it gets better?"