Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The (Suri) Photos Everyone Is Waiting For!

[Posted by reader_iam]

Nothing like a glimpse at TomKat's daughter and a "help-us-create-a-sign-off" audience-participation gimmick to set the tone of Katie Couric's taking of the reins as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Um, I'm pretty sure none of my suggestions for a sign-off would make the cut, but that's basically as far as I'm going with the snark, which I've been known to direct at Couric on a few occasions. I just don't have the energy for it.

But I can offer an olive branch toward those who actually think Couric is a paragon of journalism and role model for aspiring journalists everywhere--a link to "her" blog, and a post titled "Word of the Day: Gravitas":
And after considerable digging, we've found our first word of the day: gravitas .

gravi-tas (grav'i tas) - n. Reserved dignity; properiety and good taste in behavior and speech, as of a leader or official.

That's all well and good. But personally, I prefer Katie's own definition.

After hearing that word a few times too often this summer, and hearing naysayers carp that it was something she needed, she finally decided: "I'm convinced gravitas is just Latin for testicles."

If you say so, Katie.

Update: After I posted this (which occurred after Cal's post, though mine is timestamped earlier because, well, there are a lot of interruptions when I write during family time), I noticed Cal's reference to Couric's debut at end of his Pound Sand piece.

To which I replied, in the comments of that post:
Dear "Kettle":

Oh, you old fogey print journalist. Get with it! It's the show, damn it. Don't you know that humor is the new gravitas?

That ultimately it's all about saving network news? Murrow, schmurrow.

Sheesh. Get with it. Get Katie.


"The Pot"

; )