Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Certain peculiarities of temperament"

[Posted by reader_iam]

Forget Halloween I-"x". Forget Scream I-"x". Forget, please, Elm Street anytownwherever. (Heck, I'd prefer to forget about Halloween altogether if I didn't have a young kid, and if it weren't for ... well, I'm getting there ... and a couple of others, like-minded.)

You want the perfect usher for the fears, both inchoate and choate, embodied in All Hallows' Eve--with a fine old dash of camp thrown in? I want to say one word to you--just one word.


See to the crypt, will you?

Update: Love, love V.P. listing (stage direction: think portentous) the sins of his fathers.

And, honestly, I'm thinking that the very first time I heard the phrase "drug addict" in a movie context might have been when I first saw this film--way, way too early, no doubt.