Thursday, October 26, 2006

Council Winners Catch-Up

[posted by Callimachus]

Somehow I overlooked the Watcher's Council winners from Oct. 13.

First place in the Council went to "As Long As We're Talking, We're Not Shooting At Each Other" by Right Wing Nut House, which asks a pithy question:

In a very roundabout way I am questioning this paradigm that posits the notion that negotiations – even if they won’t accomplish anything – are always preferable to the alternatives (not necessarily military). If only one side in the negotiations is seeking agreement while the other side wishes to use the talks to achieve the goals that the negotiations are trying to forestall, isn’t it common sense to ask why bother?

Second place went to Changes by ShrinkWrapped, who wonders whether "the accelerating rate of change in our world" has outpaced the ability of national and international institutions to adapt to it. "If so, chaotic change is likely and that favors regression, not progression."

Outside the council, the overwhelming winner was Is Islam Waging War on the World? by Reconquista.

Second place went to The Ahmadinejad Code, a wickedly clever bit of cartoon trickery by Cox & Forkum.