Friday, October 20, 2006

Weldon Well Done

[posted by Callimachus]

Don't blame the Centre Daily Times for this one. The headline they put on the story, Weldon labels Democrats 'un-American' in debate with opponent, was the one the AP put on it when the news service moved it on the wire.

Calling Democrats un-American? Has the man no shame? Has Curt finally gone around the bend? Now after you've got the dudgeon out and polished and laid out on the table, read the actual story. Read what he actually said. You have to go down pretty far to find it:

[Weldon] used his opening statement to blast the media for what he labeled as attacks on his children, and to criticize Democrats for an "outrageous and un-American" campaign flyer regarding his daughter's lobbying firm.

So he criticized a political campaign flyer as "un-American." But to read the headline, with the verb "label," and never read that clarifying paragraph (which, statistically, is what about half of the people who see the piece will do), you'd get the impression Weldon said, "all Democrats are un-American."

UPDATE: In a 3rd-lede writethru which adds more quotes at the bottom of the story, AP changes the headline to a more accurate "Weldon labels Democratic flier on daughter 'un-American' "