Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bring It On

[posted by Callimachus]

In the wake of today's carnage in Baghdad, Ali Eteraz says, "a Muslim that opposes the War in Iraq must also oppose the methods of the insurgents and speak out against them."

The "Islamic" thing for the insurgents would be to attack only military targets. If they cannot attack the military targets, then they have lost. These are the rules of Islamic Law. The Shariah doesn't say that "well, if you can't attack the military, go ahead and slaughter any one who comes across your way." That's not Islam. Please recognize that. That's nihilism. It has no honor. It is not Islamic.

There are those who will note that he essentially allows Iraqi Muslims to attack American military personnel in Iraq, because they are de facto occupiers. There are those who will feel betrayed and offended by this, especially if those "occupiers" include their friends and children who may see themselves as there to help.

But Eteraz is correct: This would be the appropriate "Islamic" thing to do. And frankly, I wouldn't mind it, especially if the results turn out like they did in this case.

Sunni Arab militant groups suspected of having ties to al-Qaida in Mesopotamia have established training camps east of Baghdad that are turning out well-disciplined units willing to fight U.S. forces in set-piece battles, U.S. military commanders said Thursday.

That's the set-up in the "New York Times" story, which I suppose is meant to impress us with the sophistication of al-Qaida and their boldness in gloating at us in our "quagmire."

What you don't learn till you read further down is, jihadis got their asses handed to them:

U.S. soldiers fought such units in a pitched battle last week in Turki, a village 25 miles south of this Iraqi army base in volatile Diyala Province, bordering Iran. At least 72 insurgents and two U.S. officers were killed in more than 40 hours of fighting.

So, please do stop shelling innocent families in the cities and come out and play with our soldiers and Marines. Don't hide behind women and retarded suicide bombers; come out like warriors and fight like soldiers.

And we will lick you every time. I promise. Because this is what our men and women know how to do so well: Real fights, against real enemies, on real battlefields. Be warriors, not cowards. Come out and play, jihadis. You won't be bored. I've got about 140,000 close personal friends who would love to take up the game and make it challenging for you.