Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Practicing My Listening Skills [Update]

[Posted by reader_iam]

Update: MSNBC just announced on air that it, too, is calling the Va. race for Webb and that the Senate has changed hands. Here is the the story posted on the MSNBC site. It notes:
The presumed Democratic majority counts on the support of two independent senators who have declared that they will caucus with the Democrats.

"Interesting" doesn't even begin to describe the bumpy ride we're all getting ready to take, in my estimation.

More, a bit later: I'm finding it interesting, even a little ironic, that the guy who tips the balance is not exactly a poster child for liberalism as it is typically defined these days, much less progressivism. In fact--we all know this, right?--he's as much populist as anything, and though they are very different, I know, I still often think of him in the same breath, so to speak, as Pat Buchanan, for example.

NOTE: Sorry, folks; I know this post title doesn't make much sense, now that's it's separate so much from my original post, which was referencing Joe Biden (read on for that to make sense). No changing it now, though.

Original post starts here:

Larry King just said that the Associated Press is calling the Virginia Senate race as a victory for James Webb (CNN itself is declining to make that call just yet). The only link I could find was Think Progress, which doesn't seem to have supplied a link to an AP article.

If the AP's call is correct, that means control of the Senate changes hands. How ironic that King's guest at the time of the report was none other than my once and likely future democratic senator from Delaware, Joe Biden! From whom, I think it's safe to say, we will be hearing even more under those circumstances.

(Well, technically speaking, we'll no doubt be on the auditory receiving end of more from the senator in any case, given upcoming confirmation hearings. As we all should know, hearings always bring out the speakings in Joe, if not the pithy askings.)